Common Accidents in the Philippines

Common Accidents in the Philippines

In the Philippines, there is an estimated amount of 12,000 casualties due to road accidents with a death rate of 5.6 per 1000 people that were reported in 2022. And as we live in an unpredictable world full of surprises and turns, we must be aware of the common accidents in the Philippines. Pacific Union would then like to share some of the most common examples of accidents in the country and the reasons why they happen. 

Vehicle Collisions

Road accidents are a significant concern in the Philippines due to several factors such as heavy traffic, poorly maintained roads, and reckless driving from motorists. These, throughout time, have led to vehicle collisions, injuries, and even death. Because of this, obey all traffic regulations at all times and make sure that your vehicle is properly maintained. 

Burns and Scalds

Burns and scalds are another cause of accidents here in the country. These are incidents involving fire, hot liquids, or steam that occur at home and in the workplace. Always stay vigilant to prevent burns and scalds, and in the event of injury, seek professional treatment.


Falls can occur in different settings, from the workplace to the outdoors, to even your home. They often result from slippery floors, uneven surfaces, poor lighting, or accidents that occur when ascending or descending from stairs. These accidents can lead to serious injuries such as sprains, broken bones, and internal bleeding.

Workplace Accidents

These types of accidents are common in various industries including construction, agriculture, and transportation. These usually occur due to malfunctions, falls, and other occupational hazards.

Forces of Nature

Finally, the Philippines is prone to several natural disasters from typhoons, floods, earthquakes, and more which happen at a regular basis. Events like these can cause serious property damage, injury, and even loss of life. 

Ultimately, all of these are the major accidents that occur in the Philippines, and knowing these, we’d like to remind everyone to stay vigilant, be alert, and keep safe at all times. But keeping safe and these reminders are just a precaution; what happens when accidents like these do occur?

Thankfully, we at Pacific Union would like to offer each and every one our Personal Accident Insurance to help you and your family when accidents occur. For more information, contact us today through any of our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), our landline 8845 1033, or our website at to learn more on how we can protect you and what matters most. 

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