Common Causes of Fire

Common Causes of Fire

Pacific Union’s Fire Insurance is here to protect you and your family against accidents arising from fire, lightning, earthquakes, typhoons, and more! While our policy can help you protect what matters most, there are still different everyday causes of why fire-related incidents occur. Here, then are some of the most notable causes of fire and how you and your loved ones can prevent an incident. 

Electrical Wiring

Improper connections, poor electrical wiring, and substandard cables can lead to sparks that may cause fire to your home. No matter the condition of these wires, do not take direct action and hire the proper professionals to assess and ensure that your wires are safe and secure.

Unattended Kitchen

Another common cause of fire is an unattended kitchen. The kitchen is home to several appliances from ovens, stoves, and other cooking appliances. Should they be left unattended, it can lead to fire-related accidents which is why whether staying at home or about to leave, make sure that all your kitchen appliances are turned off.

Cigarette Butts

Cigarettes as well as ashtrays can lead to potential danger to your property should you place them in easily burnt places. Because of this, make sure not to smoke in places like your bed, near flammable objects, or to put it simply, just make sure to smoke in designated areas. 

Flammable Substances

As the name implies, flammable substances can cause fire and common examples include alcohol, gasoline, and acetone. Make sure never to place these substances near heat sources, keep them out of reach from children and pets, and store them in a cool ventilated area in tightly sealed containers.

LPG Tanks

Finally, another major cause of fire-related incidents is LPG Tanks. To prevent accidents, always handle them with care and ensure they are not filled to the brim to allow for the expansion of liquid.

To learn more about how you can get protected from fire-related incidents through Pacific Union’s Fire Insurance, contact us today.