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The foundation and fruits of our business is built on honesty, reliability and truthfulness.


The customers are the core of our business. We are proactive in continuously providing excellent products and services in simultaneous evolution as we remain vigilant and empathic towards our customers’ needs.

Continuous Excellence

We shall perform to the best of our ability with distinction and superiority. We will adhere to a strong sense of self-evaluation, always striving to process and produce in the best standards.

Professional Conduct

With strong work ethic; deserving of others’ trust and respect; using company resources prudently; We will act with fairness and objectivity and shall be accountable for one’s actions.


We value the power of synergy through efficient communication and collaboration in the team and in our community. We will always strive to become better workers as we personally and professionally grow bigger together in this business.


We believe in our workforce. We are driven to create and maintain an environment where people respect each other’s rights and dignity and are inspired to work as a team towards the attainment of our goals.

“To be the first-rate non-life insurance solution in the country.”

First rate – the most preferred, the leader in terms of innovation (business processes, product lines and product services), financial growth & stability, professionalism, integrity, high ethical standards and good governance.

Solution – to be oriented in the finding the right product for our customers, rather than just simply providing what is asked for.

Mission – What Matters Most to Us

We commit to

Provide customer satisfaction.

Settle valid claims fairly within reasonable time.

Offer responsive non-life insurance products able to meet the complex and varied needs of our clients.

Support our intermediaries in achieving their business and personal goals.

Look after the welfare of our employees and provide opportunities for their professional growth.

Deliver reasonable returns to our shareholders.

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