Holy Week Safety Tips

Holy Week Safety Tips

The Holy Week is here! Not only is it a time for prayer and remembrance of Christ’s sacrifice, it is also the time where everyone gets their long-awaited break. As one of the major events in the Philippine calendar, getting together with your family and traveling with your loved ones is a given during Holy Week but there can be obstacles along the way. 

We at Pacific Union would like to share some helpful travel tips for you and your loved ones this Holy Week as we invite everyone to pray, reflect, and have a safe and meaningful rest. 

Share Wisely

One of the most powerful communication tools in this day and age is social media. It has given us a window for others to take a peek at our lives and has allowed us to stay in touch with followers and friends. 

But as users, we have the responsibility to post wisely as oversharing information can compromise not just our privacy but even our safety. And so this Holy Week, use all social media platforms wisely and refrain from posting unnecessary details. 

Secure Your Property

Before heading out for your journey, make sure that your property is secured. Ensure that your doors, windows, and gates are closed and locked to prevent the possibility of theft. At the same time, secure your kitchen appliances such as stoves and other electric sockets to avoid potential accidents such as fires. 

Gather Essentials

Ready all the things you’ll be needing for your trip whether it’s a valid ID, your ticket, and other essentials such as medicine and chargers. Make sure to have them ready early and to pack light for a much more convenient travel.

Stay Informed

One of the most important ways to prepare for your trip is knowing all relevant information. We encourage everyone to keep up-to-date whether it’s traffic advisories, your flight/ticket number, and all other details that you will need for your journey.

Arrive Early

As the Holy Week is the time for vacation for most Filipinos, expect heavy traffic and lots of people during your departure. Whether on the road or on the air, we recommend that you and your loved one leave at an earlier time to avoid unwanted delays to your vacation.

Last but not least, from all of us at Pacific Union, we’d like to wish everyone a safe and meaningful Holy Week.