Support Education Program

Support Education Program

Pacific Union believes in its core values and among them is the values of Continuous Excellence and Empowerment. For the former, we believe in performing to the best of our ability, always striving to process and produce our work with the best standards. For the latter, on the other hand, we believe in our workforce – where each member of the team is valued and inspired to work as a collective whole.

And so one of the latest innovations created by Pacific Union’s management was to create a program that would help our Head Office – one that would teach them various skills and insights that could help them both in their personal and professional space.

This led to the creation of the Support Education Program: Pacific Union’s monthly training designed to foster each member of the team into becoming the best they can be. These sessions take place every Friday and once a month where over the course of two hours, a highly qualified instructor teaches our team different lessons and skills. This is an optional yet highly informative seminar, covering topics such as customer service, time management, Ikigai, and many more.

As a bonus to our Head Office, the seminar provides food and drinks while there is a raffle every session. There is even a grand prize given to a select few who manage to attend every session of the Support Education Program. In short, the 2023 SEP was a big success for Pacific Union – gathering different members of our various departments where they have been imparted with invaluable information.

This 2024, Pacific Union continues the Support Education Program, this time with the goal of a more holistic approach and a broader range of topics. This year’s SEP will be covering topics such as the Victor vs. Victim Mindset, customer service etiquette, and more to come that will surely be a huge help to every member of the team.